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Never stop playing!

Grant Withers is a husband and dad living near Vancouver BC, Canada and a ‘solo-preneur’ producing fine photographic art through his company, Grant Withers Art.

Grant has long been an artist at heart whether clicking a shutter, working wood or trying to pull the perfect shot of espresso. He started shooting in the 70s with his father’s Pentax SLR and fell in love with B&W darkroom work and Kodachrome 64.

For over 35 years a camera has been at Grant’s side while he has caravanned, canoed, cruised, trained, planed, driven, SCUBA dived, hitched, hiked, ballooned and biked in over twenty countries on five continents. Family, photography and fly fishing continue to be at the core of many of these adventures.

Parenthood and careers in biology and teaching have shaped both his world view and his perspectives on the arts. Over the last decade or so he has followed a passion for crafting fine art photographic imagery using revolutionary shooting and presentation techniques which challenge conventional definitions of photography. Grant is always searching for gorgeous light and intriguing subject matter – often in unusual places.

Grant is a supporter of the arts in his community. He is a member of the North Burnaby Neighbourhood House Steering Committee, the Burnaby Photographic Society and Burnaby Arts Council and is an accredited pro in fine art with the Professional Photographers of Canada. His award-winning work has been accepted in both provincial and national image salons and is in private collections and the National PPoC Loan Collection which showcases excellence in Canadian photography each year.

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