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Vocal Point – the exhibition

Vocal Point

April 6-29, 2018. AMP Studio, 800 Keefer street
Vancouver BC (visible 24/7 from outside)

In recent years viewing photographs has meant screens and swiping but when was the last time you looked at a photographic print? Really looked? Really…listened? Burnaby-based photographic artist Grant Withers gives us VOCAL POINT and the notion that the print itself may have a few things to say in its own story. Cuts, bends and folds set each image free in a tableaux depicting the imaginings of a whimsical visual storyteller. The exhibition relies on its physical gallery space (not a screen) to demonstrate that a print’s medium can be just as relevant as the image it carries.

VOCAL POINT embraces elements of sculpture, collage, mathematics, geometry and, of course, photography in a playful chorus of installations which will surely challenge your long-held assumptions about both photography and photographs.

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