Stereoscopic Art

Art that celebrates my long-held fascination with how we see and perceive.

These two dimensional works are meant to be viewed in virtual 3D but without special glasses you’ll have to hack your vision and override what your brain wants to see.

While looking at the middle of the image simply cross your eyes just a bit. 

Not so simple? Try this. 

  1. Stretch your arm out in front of you and stick up your thumb so that it’s between the pair of images. 
  2. Focus on your thumb as you slowly bring it back toward your face. 
  3. You should start to see a third image peeking out from behind your thumb.
  4. When the third image seems clear, lower your thumb but keep your eyes focused on that third image. 

Did the picture pop out in 3D? If not, go back to step 1. It may take a few tries.

Remember. Not everyone can do it. Your brain might be hack-proof!

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