When do gallerists or homeowners ever invite their guests to touch, alter and mix up their art? When a Project 6144 piece is on their wall! This hands-on installation-style artwork also blends art with mathematics.

So what’s so ‘interactive’ about Summer Dream 6144?

By rotating and/or rearranging each piece in the group one can experience 6144 unique artworks! Imagine how much fun and beautiful it would be with even more panels. If you’re interested, here’s the formula:

44 x 4! = 6144

I have given myself some artistic constraints which make this infinitely expandable installation piece work.

  1. Each panel must stand on its own aesthetically.
  2. There must be at least one unifying element which ‘links’ adjacent panels.
  3. Square panels are a must as they allow for rotation and rearrangement without disrupting the overall layout.

Panels may be arranged in any pattern that places at least one edge adjacent to another.

Stay tuned for the next iteration of my 6144 project.